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Did you say Black Friday?

Écrit le : 27 novembre 2015

But it’s madness all year round!

At Mode Choc, the favorite expression is definitely “low prices”. We see it on our blog; we hear it in our ads and all the way through the corridors of our Head Offices! It is not just a formula that we enjoy saying; we must admit that we enjoy applying it even more. We are rebates and freebees fans and selling our products at low prices is a way for us to offer you Black Friday all year round!

Low prices since ‘83

It all started with Mr. Raymond Roussy and his desire to open a store where the quality would meet the lowest prices on the market. The first chain store opened in 1983 under the name of Aubaine Choc, a name that fits perfectly with this philosophy. Although, at the dawn of the millennium, the enterprise took a shift by changing its name and by adding several premium brands to offer, the fact remains that the low prices are still and always a priority that resonates between the walls of the enterprise. It has been Mode Choc’s winning recipe for more than 30 years, so why change it?

100% honest

Along with the clear vision, Mode Choc also has a motto: 100% honest. The prices seen on the garments are the lowest that we can offer, that is guarantied. So when the online store was launched, it was unthinkable for us to include delivery costs within the garment’s price, as other enterprises do. That is simply not the way WE do business. HONESTY is our keyword when it comes to our customers: we know them, we have grown with them, and it is because of their unfailing support that we are here today, so we like to thank them with low prices throught the year!

Store brands

Always ahead of the trends, The Roussy family introduced DIY way before everyone else. The home brands, well known in grocery stores for proposing similar products at a lower price, are Mode Choc’s way of offering our great quality clothing at a small price. To do so, we have created our own collections with an absolutely awesome designer team from Lac-Saint-Jean, and we produce these collections our way with our norms and this, without any intermediary. No trend escapes our eye and we offer them at a competitive price.

What are low prices?

Low prices are: same product, same quality, same fabric, but simply sold at lower prices! See for yourself…

Pantalon de pyjama à motif 12,95$

Patterned Pajama Pants 12,95$

Legging classique 6,99 $

Classic Leggings 6,99 $

Boxeur classique 8,99$

Classic trunk 8,99$

Tee-shirt Vamos en coton pour garçon 9,99$

Vamos Cotton Tshirt with Print for Boy 9,99$

Camisole de coton biologique pour petite fille 5,99$

Organic Cotton Essential Cami 5,99$

Fausses perles à deux côtés avec fini mat $3,99

Faux pearl dual studs with matt finish



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