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How to survive Black Friday

Écrit le : 27 novembre 2015

The day after American Thanksgiving, or more precisely, on the fourth Thursday of November, Black Friday kicks off the Holidays shopping season. This November 27, it will once again be the time to take advantage of many sales in order to give Christmas presents without ruining yourself.
Rooted in the Philadelphia’s madness of the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is named after the madness that seizes people when the Army and the Navy play their annual football match. And, as we have all witnessed swarms of people invading department stores in the early mornings or two people having a fight over a television screen, so it goes without saying the name is well chosen. This is why we are offering this little Black Friday survival guide!

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1. Be well prepared

Preparation is probably the ultimate key here. With all the stress surrounding the holiday shopping season, the pressure of the crowd and the race to the items available in limited quantities, Black Friday is place ‘par excellence’ for impulsive buying (which we will inevitably regret). To prevent remorse, it is always good to make a shopping list of items to buy along with a budget limit. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, your smile, and your biggest patience load. 😉

2. Be smart

In 2013, A study revealed that on 25 Black Friday advertisements analysed, 92% of them contained at least one item sold at the same price as that of the previous year. In addition, it is reported that several stores inflate their prices just before Thanksgiving give the illusion of discounts to customers on Friday. As flyers from different stores are available a few days in advance, it is possible to compare prices and evaluate the discounts’ value. This way, you will avoid getting caught by frenzy and misleading ads!

3. Remain calm

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One must admit that, once trapped in the crowd of tens and maybe thousands of people seeking the best deals and latest products, it is easy to plunge into madness. In this case, our two nostrils are then our best ally: breathe deeply! After all, they are just discounts! Moreover, according to the same study, it is also possible to find more interesting discounts at other times of the year. So if the product you wanted isn’t available anymore, don’t despair!

4. Put your slippers on

Since Black Friday stretches through the weekend and even begins on Thursday night in some stores, the online retailers have decided to follow suit and not to be restricted to “Cyber Monday”. Forget the crowded stores, lack of parking, the oppressive heat at the shopping mall and instead, put on your slippers to shop in the comfort of your home!

5. Stay away from regrets

After this kind advice, my last devilish tip play is there to remind you that giving into temptation, from time to time, is always boosts morale.

Have a great Black Friday!


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