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Mode Choc is Celebrating it's 40th Anniversary

Mode Choc is Celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary!🎉

Écrit le : 4 mai 2023

40th anniversary of Mode Choc

2023 marks a great milestone for us at Mode Choc! As some of you may know already, we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary! Forty years of history, of fun, of development, but mostly, 40 years of bringing you anything you need to dress your world, at affordable prices. This 40th year, we wish to make it extra special, and for this we decided to spoil you a little bit, you dear customer, without whom any of this would not have been possible.

“Let us salute together this New Year that is aging our friendship without aging our hearts.”

Victor Hugo

Let’s start with a little bit of story

Let’s go back in time together!

The year is 1983, we are in Dolbeau, in the Lac-Saint-Jean region. A new chapter is about the open, as Raymond Roussy and Marlùne Hudon are opening their first clothing store, offering items for the whole family, which they then call “Aubaines Choc”. The popularity of the store is so great that it allows four new stores to open their doors at the start of the 90s, one in Jonquiùre, Chicoutimi, La Baie and Roberval.

Le tout premier magasin Aubaines Choc

The first Aubaines Choc store, on Blvd Wallberg, in Dolbeau

Le magasin de Dolbeau, en 1983

Aubaines Choc in Dolbeau, after moving to where it is now situated today, on the Blvd VĂ©zina

Magasin Mode Choc de JonquiĂšre

The JonquiĂšre store, at its opening in 88

Magasin Mode Choc de Chicoutimi

Aubaines Choc’s beginning in Chicoutimi

The turn of the millennium was a time of transition for the growing business, who welcomes the 2000s under a new name: “Mode Choc”. To provide and adapt to the need of its ever-growing customer base, the stores now offer a wider variety of items from many well-known brands. Only a few years later, the founder’s daughters joined the company’s shareholding; a new generation brought into the family business.

Since then, Mode Choc has continued to expand by conquering markets from Quebec to Moncton, New Brunswick. A new store opens in Saint-Georges in 2015, but it’s not all, the same year Mode Choc also launches its new online store. At, it’s now possible to buy all that’s offered in-store, in the comfort of your own home. Then, in 2018, Mode Choc makes its grand entrance in the Montreal region, with a new store in Sainte-ThĂ©rĂšse.

Le magasin Mode Choc de Sainte-ThérÚse

The Mode Choc store in Sainte-ThérÚse

In March of this year, yet another page was wirtten in Mode Choc’s history, with the opening of a new store in Sainte-Foy. The founder’s daughters, Jessika and Christel Roussy, already co-owners of many stores, now take another step in the family business with the ownership of this store.

Nouvelle succursale Ă  Ste-Foy

Our brand new store in the MĂ©ga Centre Sainte-Foy!

This is how Mode Choc, which started out in a small store counting six employees in 1983, has now grown to eleven stores and more than 600 employees throughout the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick.


Many Exclusive Brands

For some years now, Mode Choc has been offering exclusive clothes and accessories which are designed by our own teams of designers, based in both Sainte-ThérÚse and the Lac-Saint-Jean region. Since we have a little surprise for you concerning our brands, what do you say we take a closer look at them?

Zone Choc

One of our first exclusive brands, Zone Choc (now named ZC) offers a wide variety of styles, in all departments. From the classic hoodie all the way to the comfy pair of underwear, the brand presents a wide variety of simple and trendy styles for all the family.

VĂȘtement ZC pour toute la famille Ă  prix abordables!

Shop the ZC brand for women, men, girls, boys and babies


Active.MC is a workout essential! These clothes are made to ensure your comfort even during the most demanding workout sesh, and even better, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Light, breathable knits and vibrant prints and patterns, this is what this brand offers. Once you try it on, you won’t ever go back!

VĂȘtements de sports pour femme et filles

Shop the Active.MC brand for women and girls

Deux Petits Canards

Comfort is king with Deux Petits Canards! The brand stars a wide array of gender-neutral clothes and accessories that are as adorable as they are handy! Mostly made from organic cotton, the brand is sure to fill your littlest one’s heart with joy.

VĂȘtements unisexes pour bĂ©bĂ©

Shop the Deux Petits Canard brand for babies


Our designers have expertly matched comfort, style, and dynamism with this brand. Outdoor clothes and accessories or ready-to-wear clothes that are incredibly versatile; this is what you get with Vamos. Initially offered in the men and boys departments, the brand now extends its outdoor clothes and accessories to all of them! In short, the Vamos is perfect to express your love of streetwear styles and the great outdoors!

VĂȘtements Vamos pour toute la famille

Shop the Vamos brand for women, men, girls, boys and babies

Katy K.

The energetic little girl will look radiant in the Katy K. clothes! Lively colors, fun patterns, trendy fits but most important of all, comfort, is what makes this brand an absolute essential for your sweetie. So many different styles are possible with clothes that mix and match easily and wonderfully.

VĂȘtements pour bĂ©bĂ© fille et jeune fille

Shop the Katy K. brand for baby girls and little girls


Teenage girls and young women with a passion for fashionable and edgy outfits are sure to find some new faves with the Sabotage brands. A mix of textures, understated colors with some contrasting accents, and super-trendy fits are what can be found in all the Sabotage collections, which keeps renewing its originality each season. A total must for an outstanding, fuss-free look!

VĂȘtements dynamiques et tendances pour adolescente et jeune femme

Shop the Sabotage brand for women and teenage girls


Aby is a brand for little girls that warms the heart with its soft and cute looks. Made from organic cotton, its clothes and accessories sport pastel colors and prints inspired by natural and romantic themes. It’s also versatile pieces of clothing that will instill gentleness and calm in her day-to-day.

VĂȘtements doux et confortable pour bĂ©bĂ© fille et jeune fille

Shop the Aby brand for baby girls and little girls

Beding Bedang

Awesome ready-to-wear outfits and soft pajamas for your little ones from 0 to 7, that’s what Beding Bedang is all about. With its amusing prints and patterns, your children are sure to spend the loveliest time, enveloped in comfort day in and day out.

VĂȘtements et pyjamas pour bĂ©bĂ© garçon et jeune garçon

Shop the Beding Bedang brand for babies and children


With its organic cotton knits and adorable styles, Caleb has become an absolute must for newborns and young children. With its mix and match collections, it’s now a piece of cake to dress the kids! It’s a favorite of ours (and yours!) that gains to become even better known! Affordable prices and endless style are both guaranteed!

VĂȘtements unisexes en coton bio pour bĂ©bĂ© et enfants

Shop the Caleb brand for babies and children


We are so grateful to have such loyal customers, and to be a part of your everyday life now, and we hope for many years to come. Thank you for your lasting support, without which Mode Choc would have never known such growth, a growth that keeps going even today.


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