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November, Official Cocooning Month!

Écrit le : 19 novembre 2015

November, Official Cocooning Month!

The leaves have fallen; autumn colors have given way to November grayness and before the holiday madness invades us, there is fortunately a little time left for us to enjoy a great family weekend in the coziness of our homes! Since the weather is still uncertain at this time of the year, I propose four activities to enjoy in the comfort of our houses and of our pajamas!

1. Indoor camping

For me, the word “cocooning” is about watching a great movie wrapped in a warm blanket while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Yet, there is a way to add an extra punch to this winning formula, namely indoor camping!

Set up your tent in the middle of your living room or build a hut with cushions, sheets and blankets, and instantly, your movie night will take on a fun dimension. To make a starry-sky effect, why not get your Christmas lights out sooner and set them up on the ceiling!

And from this moment on, everything is possible: prepare a picnic for dinner, set up folding chairs to create a drive-in-theater ambiance or again, storytelling in the dark with only a flashlight as a lighting device might be an option. Don’t forget to cook S’Mores for an unforgettable night!



2. Organizing a play

Your kids love a story you tell them? Why not stage it? Distribute roles, choose the costumes and make-up with your kids, and give life to their favorite characters!



3. Decorating a gingerbread house

Aside from allowing you to stay at home, the following suggestions will ease you and your kids in the Christmas spirit. First, why not decorate a gingerbread house? It will give your children the opportunity to express their creativity while building something together. They will be proud to show their creations to visitors, and it will bring a nice gingerbread aroma to your house.

For the most courageous ones, gingerbread recipes to create the perfect house can be found online. Or, for those who – like me – don’t have that kind of patience… Ready-to-build kits sold at the supermarket are a good compromise! 😉



4. Prepare homemade gifts

What can be better than receiving a gift from your loved ones handmade especially for you. Of course, I am not talking about a macaroni frame, but to make, with the kids, little gift that will melt the heart of those receiving them at Christmas.

To do so, many ideas are available such as hot cocoa or homemade soup jars. Just ask the kids to layer the dry ingredients in a hermetic jar. Then you can decorate it with pine cones, pine branches, and ribbons for a perfect gift. Finally, you can give kids the opportunity to write a personal message.

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These are only a few ideas to rediscover, as a family, the joys of staying comfortably at home after a hectic summer and fall, and before the holiday season. For more ideas, visit our board  »Cocooning » on Pinterest!


Have fun cocooning!

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