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The 2015 trends for a Christmas Table that will make people talk!

Écrit le : 11 décembre 2015

Ah! These Holiday dinners and these gigantic buffets prepared with loving care! We must admit that there is nothing like the privilege of sharing a meal with our loved ones. In these festive moments, the table becomes a gathering and sharing place much as an eating one; it can set the tone of your evening. So it might be interesting to give it special attention.


This year, three broad trends will influence Christmas preparations. They may be harmonized to your home for this season: rustic, vintage, and maculate white. The important thing is to have fun while Christmas decoring and to create a table that reflects your personality.



Tablecloth $7,99, Table runners $9,99, Napkins $4,99, Candles $5,99 and $10,95

Enhance your magnificent wooden table with plaid tablecloth, tablemats, napkins and table runners. The ‘wood imitation’ candles are also trendy elements to place the center of the table. You can also use fir branches and pine cones for a simple rustic and classic look. It is also the occasion to play around with more exclusive items; furs mat on your benches or wrap your utensils in a napkin tied with a jute cord.



Tablecloth $11,99, Bottle $8,99, Candleholder $8,99

You would like to pay tribute to your childhood grandmother’s table? Choose a tablecloth with a poinsettia pattern! As the tablecloth is a little bit loaded, it is good to keep the rest of the table’s decoration simple by smartly placing elements like Christmas candles and decorative bottles. Here again, pine cones is an excellent addition!

Maculate white


Tablecloth $8,99, Marble Plates $19,95, Lantern $29,95, Candle $5,99

For those of you who love shabby-chic looks and the elegance of a maculate white, know that it is now possible to set your table in ultimate white without compromising the festive ambiance. With this cream, jacquard tablecloth with a delicate poinsettia pattern, this white lantern and its candle, your table will get a style worthy of magazines in no time! Once more, you can complete your table setting with pine cones, fir branches, white lights and gold elements!


Table Etiquette

Take out your most beautiful tableware and shine your wine glasses once more before the guests arrive. And for the ones who enjoy fine dining, this little plan provides ideas to set a table to awe your guests. Do not forget that the knife blade must always face the plates and that a napkin should never be placed in a soup plate or under utensils!



In brief, it is always good to remember table etiquette, even with family; when 30 minutes late, apologies must be offered; moderation remains the key; when at the table, hands must be visible at all time, and do not forget to bring a gift for your host in these occasions, unless you bring a dish!

Bon appetit!

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