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The greatest hot chocolate recipe in the world!

Écrit le : 11 décembre 2015

At Mode Choc, we love good food, cocooning nights, and buying local. What do these elements have in common, you asked? The homemade hot chocolate of the Coeur Fondant Chocolate Factory!


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So we have decided to go and meet the chocolate expert, Joannie Lavoie, owner of the chocolate factory, in order to discover the greatest hot chocolate recipe in the world!

For your recipe, you will need dark chocolate and milk chocolate chips (we can find them sold in grams and all other forms at Coeur Fondant), cocoa and frothed milk, and also your most beautiful mugs!


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1. Heat the milk until you see the first simmer. It is important to constantly stir to keep the milk from sticking to the pan.
2. Take the milk off the fire as soon as simmers appear on the surface.
3. Add the chocolate to the milk. You can mix dark and milk chocolate or simply use one or the other. For a cup of milk, count between 40 and 50 grams for a chocolaty beverage and reduce the quantity in half for a child portion.
4. Froth the milk (facultative)
5. Once the chocolate has melted into the milk, pour a little bit of frothed milk in the bowl and cover it with foam.
6. At this point, it is possible to add some flavour like Espelette pepper for a spicy touch, ‘sea salt’ caramel for a sweet/salty effect, maple sugar or simply a spice like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.
7. Then, pour the hot chocolate in the mug and cover with a little bit of pure cocoa!


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For us at Mode Choc, we have loved the idea of ‘sea salt’ caramel because we adore the sweet and salty formula and we have to say that the Espelette pepper has caught our attention. Joannie, on the other side, is more on the classic side and she loves her hot chocolate simply chocolaty! But it is certain that we all think that the hot chocolate idea is great and – happily – we can find one at Coeur Fondant Chocolate Factory.


And why not serve this hot chocolate recipe during the Holidays nights? Simply place a little table in the dining room with your Christmas accessories and a display of multiple spices, and let your guests make their own hot chocolate!


Mode Choc marketing team with Joannie Lavoie, owner of the Coeur Fondant Chocolate Factory

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