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Dare to wear homey-soft clothes!

Écrit le : 4 décembre 2015

It is well-known fact: the ultimate fashion rule is that if there are any rules, they are meant to be broken. So contrary to great beliefs, brown can be matched with black and you can now wear your sneakers with your suit! Isn’t that great?

The Holidays may sparkle in our eyes, gorgeous jewels and dress as glamorous as Taylor Swift’s on a red carpet, it remains that we deserve a day or two away from nylons. So today, let us propose some ideas on how to wear homey-soft clothes at Christmas!

A chic and soft look, is it possible?

Absolutely! By selecting quality pieces, slightly less-adjusted fit and soft fabrics, you will quickly get an all-comfort and elegant look. For example, knits are always an excellent main piece to have in this case; either in a form of a poncho, sweater or tunic, they are a warm way to remind us of our cozy blankets in style. Besides, for our greatest joy, some designs are now featuring glittery and sparkly inserts!


Poncho style Pull $36,95

The tunics: these comfy dresses

Let us not forget the tunics that allow us to have the feminine look while wearing leggings. For maximum comfort, choose a light and stretchy jersey!


Jersey tunic with Flared Cut $24,95

Some structure

If you choose a flared tunic or a casual piece, it is always possible to provide it with structure or jazz up its softness by wearing a vest or a blazer over it. This one, made of a “crepe tricot”, has a pizzazz, aside from being really comfy because of its soft fabric! Magic!


Sleeveless Elongated Blazer $28,95

The leggings, 8th wonder of the world

Obviously, I’m not advising you to wear your sweatpants to your office Christmas party; although with some of the styles, it would be almost possible to get away with it. On the contrary, I suggest that you choose a pretty legging with faux leather inserts for a look worthy of the greatest fashionistas!


Leggings with Faux Leather Inserts $17,95

Sparkle of a thousand lights!

Finally, it goes without saying that the success of your outfit rests on the jewelry you will jazz it up with. They are necessary items to add balance to knits, leggings and flared cut. As your will be wearing laid-back, casual outfits, at this point it is possible to dare wearing sparkling jewels, ‘statement’ necklaces, rhinestones and gems in great quantity!

Boucles d'oreilles

Sparkling Earrings $8,99


Rhinestone Bracelet $7,99

With these outfits, we can finally say goodbye to the elasticated waistband on our tights for a night and feel for a second helping of bacon-wrapped sausages without being judged for adjusted fit of our clothes.;)

Products on header image: Scarf $23,95;  Mittens $23,95; Earrings $3,99; Leggings $9,99; Sweater $34,95; Socks $6,99; Scarf $19,95; Socks $6,99; Beanie $7,99; Tee-shirt $22,95; Earrings $3,99; Leggings $6,99


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