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Ethical fashion to help reduce our ecological footprint

Écrit le : 22 avril 2021

At Mode Choc, we care about the environment and know how important it is to protect and nurture our beautiful planet 365 days a year. We believe that small everyday gestures make a difference, and we’re constantly working to find new ways to reduce the company’s carbon emissions.

One of these gestures includes our four-year partnership with Carbone Boréal, a greenhouse gas offset program that plants trees and has its own on-site research facility at UQAC. The program is committed to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting. How amazing is that?

An eco-friendly collection for the entire family

For the past four years, whenever you buy a t-shirt from the eco-friendly collection, Mode Choc has donated $1 to Carbone Boréal to plant trees. To date, we’ve donated a total of $35,000 which has helped fund the planting of 8,929 trees and remove 1,250 tons of CO2 from the air! These numbers are so important to us because we understand the profound impact that every small gesture and decision can have on the environment.

Here are a few photos from our most recent eco-friendly collection in collaboration with Carbon Boréal. 

What about you? Have you calculated your own ecological footprint?

When fashion and environmental commitment join forces

Our team of fashion designers visit fabric markets every year to select the textiles for some of our collections. One of their specific tasks is to choose from among surplus fabrics. By doing this, we taper the need to manufacture new textiles and give the fabric a second chance at becoming a wearable garment.

We’re also mindful about the clothing labels we put on our house brands. The labels on our organic cotton line are printed in biodegradable ink on a thinner, non-laminated recyclable cardboard. Also, rather than use plastic ties to attach the labels onto the garment, we use a natural, twine-like cord. Along the same green line, we limit unnecessary labelling and make every effort to minimize packaging.

We’ve also improved the design of our new shipping bags for the online shop, and we couldn’t be happier. These bags were specially designed with plastic made from recycled material. Not only are they made from recyclable plastic but can also be reused.

E-commerce bag. Mode Choc creation

Stepping stones to conscious consumption

As we seek to evolve in ethical fashion, more and more of our exclusive clothing line created by the Mode Choc Design Team is manufactured under Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading organic textile standard. In 2021, 12% of the total production of clothing created by Mode Choc has been organic. Be it our ABY, VAMOS, ZC, or DEUX PETITS CANARDS brands, many of the cotton fabrics we’ve used have been organic. For more about organic cotton, click here.

Organic label placed on products made from organic cotton. Example for the brand Deux Petits Canards. Exclusive design by Mode Choc.

Our green committee

We’ve built a team that’s responsible for brainstorming new ways to reduce our ecological footprint and keep the momentum going!

We’re proud to have committed, passionate environmental advocates who research, craft, and come up with new strategies to help us minimize our ecological footprint! In all our stores, offices and at the management level, we have people specifically assigned to promoting the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover textile waste) and to improving our operational practices.

This committee is crucial to the company and gets bigger and bigger every year!

A few of our committee members

Monica Tremblay : Commis web / Christel Roussy : Directrice générale adjointe, Directrice de l’innovation / Sophie Ricard : Designer technique / Joannie Harvey : Directrice marketing/ Marie-Ève Simard: Chargée de projets, Superviseure / Stéphanie Guay : Acheteuse/ Isabelle Hudon : Coordonnatrice de l’excellence opérationnelle /Alexandra Harvey : Designer en chef / Stéphane Dubois : Technicien informatique / Louise Fortin : Commis à la manutention e-commerce /Suzanne Lamothe : Conseillère aux ventes / Troisième clé


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