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The art of wearing your holiday dress to work

Écrit le : 24 décembre 2015

When shopping for our Christmas dress, we always have in mind ‘dressing to impress’, to shine  like a star, and make heads turn as we walk by. And very often (not to say every time), no second thought is given to the possibility of wearing it after December 26, for all the reasons listed above.

So, we have decided to explore ways of wearing our Christmas dress over again in order to make it more economical and versatile as returning to work is imminent and that nothing beats looking great to boost your Monday-morning mood!

The dress

As a starting point, some dresses cannot be worn to the office because they are too daring or too flashy. Make sure that the skirt is under mid-thigh length and the neckline is not too low. It is important to remember that to give a casual touch to your dress; the chic and delicate style of it must be matched with a coarser, heavier fabric like denim or knit.


Dress: $24,95, Cardigan: $25, Bracelet: $4,99

Vests & jackets

The timeless jean jacket or the classic black vest can all be found in our closets. There is a reason why these pieces of clothing have been considered as essentials for years. They are a great help when comes the time to adjust the chic, dazzling evening look of a garment in order to wear it at the office. So, by matching a chic dress with a jean jacket, you get an outfit to go from the office to cocktails within seconds.


Dress: $22,95, Blazer: $40, Bracelet : $8,99

Scarves and jewelry

Jewelry has set the tone during the holidays and, even though they enhanced your Christmas look, it is best to put glitters, sparkling gems, and sumptuous pieces away and rather make space for the most casual accessories that display matt textures and coarse material. Scarves then become our best friends. Aside from adding a touch of color to our glamorous black dresses, they also help to camouflage a plunging neckline in a jiffy.


Jean jacket: $29,95, Dress: $29,95, Scarf: $11,95

Finally, my last advice would be to choose flat-heel boots over pumps to create balance in your outfit. Tights can also be an interesting element whether they are opaque, colorful, or with a pattern! As nylon stockings are sheerer, they are kept for special occasions, don’t hesitate to choose tights over 30 deniers. In addition, they will keep your legs warmer during the cold, January days!

Have a great return to work!

*All the products displayed in this article are available in stores only.


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